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Here at GolfClubTec we professionly custom fit and build equipment using top quality components, to fit your game and swing specifications. All of our products are Certified and USGA compliant. If you have an existing set that you wish to continue using, we can custom retro-fit them to improve your game. Check Services and Club Fitting for more Info.


Let me take the Handicap out of your clubs!


We have a complete repair facility, that has the same equipment that the tour vans have, so your clubs will be repaired in the same manner and attention to detail as the Pros receive. Please check out our Club Repairs for more information.


TourEdge and Exotic Clubs

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Tour Edge Exotic C721

New Exotics 721 Metalwoods Featuring Ridgeback Diamond Face 2.0 Technology Announced by Tour Edge These ultra-premium metals provide all new design concepts and ground-breaking technology from Tour Edge

What Allen Thinks of his new C721 Driver

Tour Edge Exotics/C721 IronsExotics C721 Irons Featuring VIBRCOR, Diamond Face 2.0 Technology These Ultra-premium irons provide all new design concepts and ground-breaking technology. With the dual placement of VIBRCOR inside of the Hollow-bodey pocket, we're able to provide the best of both worlds; perimeter weighted forgiveness and distance with the feel of a forged musle-back


Tour Edge C521 Driver

The Tour Edge C521 Driver features a modern-classic-style design for medium+ tempo swing speeds to attain maximum ball speed and increase forgivness with upgraded acoustic properities with an optimized sound and feel.


Tour Edge C521 Irons

Hot Lauch C521 Irons is for the player who is seeking classic shapes with optimal launch and spin rates, while still enjoying the benefits of extreme ease of use and hight Moment of Inertia properties that will tighten dispersion and increase overall accuracy


Wishon EQ1-NX Single Length Clubs

To View Wishon Single Length Clubs visit Wishon EQ1-NX Single Length

EQ1-NX Fairway Woods

The EQ1-NX Fairway Woods represent the most unique and versatile fairway wood desigh ever created through a greatly expanded internal weight addition capability to allow customassembly to achieve a fairway wood single length ot to be played at conventional fairway wood length

EQ1-NX HybridsThe EQ1-NX Hybrid uses a hight strength steel, thin variable thickness face, high COR design. The Natural head weight specifications, allows them to match the EQ1-NX single length irons.



EQ1-NX Irons

Wishon's new single length iron desigh concept EQ1-NX offers same lenght and high COR low loft iron characteristics while adding many new performance enhancing features to mark a definite step forward in game improvement iron design.


Beginner Golfers

As a golfer just getting into the game of golf you may have many question about how to have the best experience from playing golf. A lot of people are afraid of embarrassing themselves in front of their friends and family. You may find golf sometimes to be intimidating, even to the most athletic. If you try to play the game with a "I just want to have fun" attitude, you will find you will have a much better game than one who attacks the game.

Here are a few things to consider:

  • Equipment - The poorly fitted club will work against your ability to get better sooner. A basic static fitting will allow you to get properly fitted clubs, and on the correct path to a better swing sooner.
  • Set of Clubs - As a beginner you don't need to get a full set of clubs. Most golfers today have a very difficult time hitting the 3, 4, and even the 5 Iron, because of the lofts on those clubs. 4-5 clubs are fine to start with. The worst thing to do is buy a driver first thing. It is the hardest club to swing for most golfers, let alone beginners, to have a chance, of getting the ball in the fairway consistently, especially if you purchase it at a retail store, because it is sold at a 45 1/2" to over 46" long, which is 1 1/2" to 2" to long, for most golfers.
  • Taking a group set of Golfing 101 lessons from the Seth Dichard Golf School, will make a world of difference in the FUN factor in your golf game.


Junior and Young Adult Golfers

Parents; What is the one thing you hate about buying your son or daughter a junior set of clubs? You know that within a year or two they probably will out grow their new clubs.

TWGT Future Pro ClubsIf you purchase the Tom Wishon Stainless Steel Junior Clubs, (not the aluminum or zinc brand at the retail golf store), from GolfClubTec, if they do out grow their clubs, I can switch out the smaller shaft in the club head, when it no longer fits them, for a longer shaft that will fit them correctly, something that the retail golf store will not do, because they want you to purchase a complete new set of clubs. A Driver or Fairway is $21/shaft replacement, an Iron or Putter $15/shaft replacement, Installed! So if you had a Junior Driver, two Irons, and a Putter, your cost would be $66 not the $225 for another set of clubs at the retail golf store. Also when they're just starting out, you don't need to buy the full set of junior clubs, you can add clubs as they progress in their ability.


Fitting clubs for Younger Adult Golfers (12-16 year olds). The fitter must be very sensitive to a number of fitting factors that no other age group comes into play. These are growth and strength spurts. As young adults they are usually not tall or strong enough to use their parents clubs, yet too tall and too strong for their junior clubs. They are at that in-between stage, but a stage where they really start to form their swing mechanics. With the correct equipment, or the wrong equipment, may either form positive, or negative thoughts about their golfing abilities. There must be built-in adjustment for those improvements which must be included in the building of the clubs. With having a custom club fitter/maker you will know that their golfing experence will be a positive one.


Senior Golfers

The clubs that were working fine just a few years ago may not be getting that same distance and ball flight that you are getting today. There are a number of reasons, but the important questions are you really happy with your clubs and do you want to get the most distance and accuracy from your clubs?

As we get older, sometimes our swing speed decreases. With these changes so does our swing specifications and with this the club specs needs to adjust to those changes. The Loft of the Driver needs to increase. You might find that your 3 Wood is getting the same or even better distance than your driver is getting. A length adjustment maybe need to be made to the Woods, for better accuracy. The shaft profile needs to match the changes in your swing specification.

The average male golfer has a swing speed of 87mph and needs an 11*-13* of driver loft to get maximum distance from the driver, but as our swing speed decreases that loft need to increase +14* of loft to get max distance. The shaft needs to change not just for swing speed rating, but also for the amount of load you put on the shaft (shaft profile).

The set make-up also may need to change for proper distance seperation. You may be finding that your 3, 4 and even the 5 Iron are all getting about the same amount of distance or not as much seperation needed between them. That is the meaning of new set makeup. That's when a new fitting is needed. This will allow you to get the fun back into your game!


The Magic Formula for Distance

Golfers are always thinking of "how can I get much more distance", not just a few yards, real distance! Is there a Magic Formula out there for more Distance(with a big D)?

Let me tell you a story of a little girl and her father. One day the little girl ask her father if he would show her how play catch and bat a ball, she had seen some boys doing that, so she asked to play, but the boys said she didn't know how so they wouldn't let her play.

So the father brought her to the retail sports store. He wasn't sure what size was best for her so he proceeded to buy the biggest bat and glove for her, he thought biggest would be best. The glove was much bigger than her head and the bat was almost as tall as she was. The father tossed some baseballs to her, which she had a very hard time trying to catch. When she tried to swing the BIG bat she had a very difficult time trying to swing the bat let alone hitting the ball. She got very frustrated with herself, because she thought if the boys can do it, then so can I.

I know you are thinking why didn't her father just buy her equipment that would better fit her and why not sign her up for a team where she would get a chance to learn how to play, get better and really have fun playing baseball. This way she would also be able to play baseball as good as or better than those mean boys who said no to her.

Well this story is much like most golfers who think that biggest, best looking, longest length, lowest loft driver is the formula for most distance. "All I have to do is just go to the driving range and swing the driver very hard and very fast. I will hit bucket after bucket until I find out how to do it. I see the other golfers do it all the time. This golfer also gets very frustrated, because he/she thinks, if the other golfers can do it then so can't I"

So the question is, do you really want to know the formula on how to hit the ball further than you do now? Like the little girl you would need to take lessons and then practice those lessons, but here is some real insight, as part of the lessons you need to learn how to Control the club throughout the swing, and have a very late wrist release position to obtain the greatest distance you are capable of getting. This no easy task, but is necessary to achieve your greatest distance!

Now let's talk about the bat, bigger is not always better. To achieve the greatest distance, you do need a driver that will fit you and not one that works for The Hulk, that is unless you are the Hulk. For most golfers, (have a wrist-to-floor measurement of between 34"-36"), they really do need a driver that's no longer than 44" (1 1/2" - 2" shorter than what is sold at the retail golf store), this will better enable you to consistently hit the sweet spot of the club face. 11* of loft (per average swing speed of 87mph). As far as the shaft you will need to get that assessment from a custom fitting. Each golfer's swing is not a carbon copy of anyone else. To achieve your best results in golf, you do need to have custom fit clubs that will give you the magic Formula for distance and control for your best game.


To schedule a Custom Club Fitting or Repair please contact Ed Weber (339)-221-0361


Custom Club Fitting and Repair is done at the Golf-Club-Tec Shop and the Seth Dichard Golf Center located 28 Lowell Road in Hudson, NH in the Brooke Plaza.


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