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The grip is one of the most personal pieces of equipment on the club. It gives us our feel of the club, not just at address, but throughout the swing. Feed back from impact is essential in understanding if our swing is correct. The grip can aid us, or can really put a cramp in our swing. It is also a psyche tool that can give us confidence in our swing. Bottom line how does the grip look and feel makes the difference.

To give you a sense of what a grip installation might cost, here are a few grip types and cost. Prices may vary due to that manufacturer's pricing. and are subject to change.

Grip Pricing Includes Installation









Tour Wrap 2G




Tour Velvet




Multi-Compound Decade




Winn Grips




#5 Excel Black








Lamkin Grips




Performance Plus 3 Gen




Men's/Women's Arthritic








Super Stroke Putter Grips




Legacy 1.0 -5.0




Counter Core 2.0




Flatso 1.0 - 3.0




Golf Pride Grips

Tour Wrap 2G Grip - Features enhanced tackiness and an even softer material for a great feel

Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G

Tour Velvet Grip - is the most popular grip in golf today. It has a non-slip pattern for maximum playability. It is the standard upon which many club manufacturers base their designs

Golf Pride Tour Velvet Grips

VDR Grip- revolutionizes grip feel and performance with new triple-texture technology. It is specifically designed for heightened traction and excellent all-weather performance

Golf Pride VDR Grips

Decade MultiCompound Grip - an innovative hybrid fusing the positive performance of rubber and cord. The MuliCompound Black Velvet Cord in the upper hand area for firm all-weather control, and a soft rubber material in the lower hand for ultimate control and responsiveness

Golf Pride Decade Grips

Decade MultCompound Whiteout Grip - adds a new white material to the upper hand area while maintaining all the performance characteristics that made the MultiCompound golf's hottest grip

Whiteout Grip
Winn Grips

Winn Excel Grip - material provides tackiness and cushioned comfort. It is the premier grip for shock absorption and vibration dampening

Winn Excel Grips

Winn Dri-Tac Grip - is their tackiest ever. The WinnDry polymer material combines a comfortable feel with exceptional non-slip performance in all weather conditions

Winn Dri-Tac

Winn DuraTech Grips - is a hybrid grip, fusing two unique materials for superb feel, performance and durability. In the upper hand, Elastom ETX rubber compound provides long-lasting, non-slip control. The slightly softer and more comfortable WinnDry XT polymer provides a tacky yet responsive feel in the lower hand, encouraging lighter grip pressure and enhance short game touch

Winn DruaTrac
Lamkin Grips

Performance Plus 3GEN Grip - The 3GEN all synthetic rubber compound adds the benefits of increased tackiness, greater UV resistance and improved vibration dampening

Lamkin Performance Plus 3G Grip

Perma Wrap Classic Grip - unbuffed surface combines traction, tackiness and a softer feel and great for players who prefer to play without a glove

Lamkin Perma-Wrap Classic Grip

Crossline Grips - Features a distinctive, densely spaced pattern the promotes light grip tension and provides superior lateral traction. Lamkin's proprietary rubber compound adds tackiness and durability.

Lamkin Crossline Grip
Wishon Grips

V-Series Grips - the surface Traction marks are spaced farther apart than most similar compound grips to offer less interruption in a consistent feel of the hands on the grip. The lower hand grip diameter is larger than most grips, as more and more golfers are asking clubmakers for a larger lower hand diameter to impove control and feel

Wishon V-Series Grips

Tac-Trac grip - a firm but tacky, non-slip, and non-twist urethane material in a seamless, one-piece construction

Wishon Tac-Trac Grips

Tac-Feel Grip - delivers a cushioned, synthetic leather type tac-feel for superb control of the club. Great for use in humid weather areas

Wishon Tac-Feel Grip
OEM Grips

TaylorMade Aeroburner Grip

TaylorMade Aeroburner Grip

Callaway Grip

Callaway Grip

Ping Grip

Ping Grip