Club Repair


GolfClubTec will fix your clubs with the same expertise, and attention to detail, as I would for a professional golfer. When you have a Custom Club Fitting with me, I will show how I can take the handicap out of your clubs, so you can have more enjoyment play golf, while improving your game of golf.


Cost of Labor per Club Only

(Add Price of Components)


Grip Work -----Laser Grip Alignment-----

(Only shop in the area that has the Laser alignment)

See Grips to get a price comparison

New Grip
Saving Existing Grip to be Reused
Belly Putter Grip


Shaft Work

Shorten Shaft
Lenghten Steel/GraphiteShaft
Replace Broken or Existing Wood Shaft with New Shaft
Replace Broken or Existing Iron Shaft with New Shaft
Reset Existing Iron or Wood Shaft in Head


Club Head Work

(Adjustment according to recommended Manufacture's Specifications)
Check Length/Lie Angle/Loft Angle/Face Angle (set of 8-10 irons)
Adjust Loft/Lie Angle of each Iron Club
Adjust Lie/Face Angle of Wood or Hybrid Club
Adjust Lie/Loft of the Putter
Reset Loose Club Head - Iron/Wood
Add Swingweight to Club Head (Steel Shaft)
Refinishing Metal Woods, Hybrids, & Irons/Head


Check Club & Set Matching - Steel Shafts

Swingweight Matching
MOI Matching per set of clubs


The older technology like the 1930's swingweight scale may be fine for some golfers, but if you really want to improve your game and lower you score, you may want to look into getting your clubs "MOI'd".

Equipment Technology has greatly improved, even from 2005, shafts are getting lighter, the club heads are becoming more and more freindly and forgiving with recreational players. You maybe looking for new clubs, you may need a better set of clubs, yet you really may be fine with you exsisting set of clubs, they may just need some adjustment to fit your swing specs. I can lower you score by getting your swing feel to have the sameness feel for every club. It take more energy to swing the longer irons than the shorter irons. With a MOI matched set of clubs, you will have the same effort it takes to swing the long as the short irons, thus the same swing feel.



Have your clubs repaired today and put more enjoyment into you game!

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Professional Golfers depend on the Tour Vans to fix their clubs at the Tournments. Mitchell Golf Equipment has been the #1 choice of the Tour Van's for over 20 years.
Laser Griping Station
Laser Grip Alignment
Allows the entire length of the grip to be aligned with the center of the shaft and scorelines on the club face and not just to be "installed by eye". This provides for a more professional installation of the grip as you see in the photo above.
Shaft Extratpr
Professional Shaft Extractor
Will correctly remove the shaft from the club head, quick and easily without damaging the club head.


bending machine









STEELCLUB Signature Angle Machine
This is the primier club bending maching. Has the tolorence factor of .025 degrees. It has the capibility of not only precisely bending irons, but will also bend Hybrids, Fairway Woods and some Drivers.

Swingweight Scale
measures the club statically, grip to the club head, from a 14 inch fulcrum,


Auditor MOI Matching
measures of the energy it takes to put a golf club in motion

frequency auditor

Auditor Frequency Analyzer
Checks the entire length of the shaft every 5 inches down to 11" from the tip. This allows me to actually know what type of shaft it really is and if it will correctly fit your swing specs.

Wishon Shaft Profiling Software
With the Auditor Frequency Analyzer and this software, I can match-up your existing shaft, outdated, or broken shaft with a new shaft, even one with a different name brand. Reuse existing Head, or match-up new shaft and a different head.