"Should I get custom fitted golf clubs, or just get a set to get by with, until I learn how to play good enough?"

    "Should I take a few lessons, play some golf, and then get custom fitted?"

    When you started to learn a sport, take baseball for instance, did you get a glove that was way to small or to big for your hand? When you got up to bat, did you pick a bat that was really too big or too small, for you to have a chance to hit the ball? No, you got one that fit you, because you wanted to be able to catch the ball, and be able to hit the ball. Maybe you tried the other bats, but then you had to change the way you swung the bat, to be able to hit the ball. Didn"t you get the most hits using a bat that fit your swing just right! See Club Fitting for Complete Details.

"I have a nice set of clubs, but there not giving me the results I was hopping for". We can Retro-fit them to you, so the clubs will be in tune with your swing, to give you the ability to improve your shot making capabilities.


Club Bending

Lie Angle Adjustment - If the lie angle of your club is off by just 2 degree the ball will land 7 to 10 yards off line. Even with a perfect swing, the ball that should have landed in the fairway is now in the rough or in the water! Having an upright or flat swing will directly affect the filght of the ball Do you really want to change your swing pattern to compensate for wrong ball flight.. Have your clubs checked to allow you to have better game?


Loft Angle Adjustments - Each club in your bag, needs to be set to your swing speed, to allow ball distance separation between each club. See Chart. This will also show which clubs should be in your bag for best results. Even new clubs from the factory are not always set to their manufacturers specsifiaction, and should be checked so you can get the results you paid for.


Shaft Adjustments

Wrist-to-Floor MeasurementCheck for Proper Club Length - One of the biggest game improvement is having a Driver at the correct length. A wrist-to-floor measurement is taken. Then your swing pattern is checked. The length of each club can then be adjusted +/- accordingly to your center hit consistentency, for the exact club length of each club. This will give you the best control throughout your swing, with optimal distance and accuracy. You will actually gain distance with the correct Driver and Club lengths.


Shaft Flex and Shaft Profile. Your swing speed and type of swing elements, which refers to (Swing Tempo, Transition Force, Wrist Cock Release Point, and strenght), will determine the proper flex and profile of the shaft. Understand you are the engine, that produces the energy, not the shaft. The shaft is more like the transmission of that energy you produced to the club head.

With the Auditor Frequency Analyzer and the Shaft Bend Profile Software I can better matchup a shaft to your swing.

Check Shaft Alignment (Spining). Shafts are made with irregularities which causes the shaft to bend easier in a certian direction. The importance is, that direction needs to be aligned with the club face, to the target area. If this is not done, the shaft will resist the club face to coming into the correct hitting angle in the impact zone.


Grips   See Grip Pricing

Proper Grip Size and Type. Will allow the hands to relax, and yet feel the ball impact with the club face, through the shaft and grip. This will insure better, consistent control of the club throughout the swing, which instills confidence and a better swing.


Laser Grip Alignemt. Will insure all grips are installed correctly aligned with the scorelines on the club face. We are the only grip installer in the area, that use the "Laser Technology" to assist in installing your grips, yet our grip pricing is still competitive.


MOI vs. Swingweight Matching


Swingweight Matching. Will only give you the same feel at address or waggling the club. Each iron has its own swing feel throughout the irons. Have you seen the Pro's swinging their iron several times before their shot? They do this because they are trying to get a "Swing Feel" for that iron they're about to use.

MOI Matching Will allow the swing sameness feel throughout the set of Irons. Each of the Woods will have the same swing feel through the set of woods.Each of the Irons will have the same swing feel through the set of Irons It will actually allow you to have a consistant swing feel for each group of clubs, for better control and better shot making.


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