Club Fitting



"When should I get fitted"? The first basic factor is do you want to play even as a beginner with ill fitted clubs. Most clubs today are made for the average player, but how do you know you are an average person? Do you swing a club just like the player next to you at a driving range? Are you stronger or weaker than that person? I have found most beginners need just a few clubs to really play a fun round of golf. Their driver should be a 5 wood (not the proverbial Driver which is very difficult to control). Next is a 5 Hybrid then 7 iron, 9 iron, PW and SW, Putter. Just half the maximum number of clubs allowed. These clubs should have the correct shaft weight so the golfer can feel the club head during the swing yet not get tired during the round of golf. The length of the club fits them so they are not bent over or too upright in their posture. The best way to get a repeatiable consistent swing through golf lessons with a great golf instructor like Seth Dichard at the Seth Dichard Golf School. Once you have a repeatiable swing then that would be the time to get a complete fitting with a complete set of clubs


Beginner Fitting Session - $75 .00

  1. 1. Interview
  2. 2. Wrist-to-Floor Measurement - will provide Basic Club Lengths
  3. 3. Grip Measurement - will provide correct Grip Size.
  4. 4. Club Swing Parameters- will provide understanding of swing plane and shaft weight and flex

This analysis will provide information for the - Set make-up, The proper loft/lie angles, correct length, shaft flex and grip size for each club. For a beginner golfer it is so important to have the correct length, weight and grip size. This will allow for faster advancement in playing golf, for with the wrong set of clubs you play and learn bad techniques because you're try to swing those clubs and adapt your swing to those ill fit clubs.


Regular Fitting Session - $225.00

  1. 1. Interview - A discussion about your equipment and what you would like from the fitting
  2. 2. Static Measurements:
    1. Wrist-to-Floor will give a basic club length measurement
    2. Grip Measurement will provide correct grip size
  3. 3. Launch Monitor - will provide analysis of; Club head speed, Ball speed, Carry yards, Total yards, Launch angle, Swing plane or path, Ball tregectory, Backspin and Side Spin or Spin Axis
  4. 4. Dynamic Lie Angle test - will provide correct lie angles.

This analysis will provide information for the - Set make-up. Exact Length for each club for more consistent center (sweetspot) hits and control. Best Loft and Lie Angle, for each club, for proper distance gapping. Correct Shaft spectifications,weight, flex, profile. Correct Grip size and type.

This First Custom Club Fitting takes about 1-1 1/2 hours. You will understand why the clubs are best for you because you are in control of the fitting by swing the different clubs feeling the swing, the impact the weight of the club the head types know what each of these elements do for your swing. You will learn what one type of club head is right for you and any other doesn't just fit you correctly.

If you puchase a set of clubs from me the fitting doesn't conclude there. In the second session I will check the clubs from the manufacture's specifications and then adjust them to your swing specifications and then have you dynamicly test to be sure they fit you correctly. The last thing is having you hit every club you purchased to get a readout on carry and total distance so when you go out on the course you will have confidence and have a reasonable understanding what your carry distances will be for each clubs. If any clubs need to be readjusted it will be done at no additional cost.

If you purchase a different set of clubs I will check the lie/loft at no charge (any adjustment I will charge $10/club per manufactures recomindations allowed). You will hit each club and receive a dynamic lie test and carry distance information.


Wrist-to-Floor measuerment is used to determing the Primary Driver Length and the correct length of the Irons

hand sizeGrip Sizing a measurement of the hand from the tip of the midle finger to the wrist crease and a second measurement from the tip of the middle finger to where it meets the hand will give a very good indication of the correct grip size

Zelocity PureLaunch MonitorSkyTrak Launch Monitor Shows: Launch angle, Backspin, Ball Speed, Club Head Speed, Side Spin, Carry Distance, Total Distance.